The Ultimate Fairy Party

The Ultimate Fairy Party with Lavender Lily leading the way. Songs, Storytelling, Creative Play, Fairy Flying are all part of the Fairytale Adventure.

You too will believe in the Lavender Lily Fairy Magic as Lavender Lily encourages children to discover their inner fae and to fill the world with their inner magic!

Lots of fairy have been born into this world and it’s part of Lavender Lily’s journey to find them. Perhaps you are one too.

Lavender Lily flutters into your party surrounded by fairy music and immediately the journey begins. Sometimes she is coy at first to ensure little ones are not overwhelmed. Once they are ready to fly, the giggly interactive and dynamic fairy adventure begins. Lavender Lily is also known for her varieties of giggles and laughs.

Each child is given a fairy name as part of the naming ceremony as well as a sprinkling of fairy dust and positive words whispered allowing them to feel included, “Here’s a name I give to you so you might be a fairy too. Be bold be brave be you because this this world need your magik and love, who you are is a gift to us.” This is a way of welcoming each child and assuring, her or him is important and included. Confidence is essential.

Then on with the fairy flying, fairy telling, fairy dancing and fairy pixie and elfin fun. One moment they are up flying around and the next they are giggling under the magic mushroom they have created out of the parachute. Each guest can also have their face painted in the elaborate fairy make-up similar to Lavender Lily, receive a balloon wand or sword and they are welcome to make a bracelet.

LENGTH: 1 hour or 1 ½ hours

EQUIPMENT: Portable Music System, Bubble Machine, Parachute. Disco Light incurs a $20 hirer cost.

SUIT: 7 year olds and under but can always be adapted for older children. Children 9 years and older love a fairy experience that is edger, and most mystical. For these children Lavender Lily wears shorter shirts, fishnet stocking, ‘Cycberlocks’ hair pieces and stripy stockings.

THEMES: Choose Enchanted Fairy – Fairy Princess Fairy – Garden Fairy – Punk Fairy – Rockin’ Fairy – Circus Fairy.

VENUE: Outdoor – park or venue or indoor including smaller restaurants and preschools ++

INVITES: Downloaded free from Lavender Lily website.

To make a booking please call Lavender Lily directly on 0417 248869. Or email [email protected] Once you pay the $100.00 nonrefundable deposit you will receive a written confirmation as well as invitations. Please check Lavender Lily booking policy.

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