Preschool Shows

Preschool Shows by Lavender Lily. Shows that are highly interactive, engaging & support the Early Years Learning Frameworks. new Preschool song and video out now.

Lavender Lily’s mission is to support and encourage children to grow into happy, healthy, caring, creative and strong individuals.
To help achieve this Lavender Lily’s key areas of interactions are the 5 M’s
Movement – Music – Meditation – Mindfulness and Motivation.

If you have a THEME that needs INVESTIGATION through live PERFORM Lavender Lily can also CREATE the SHOW for YOU!

Lavender Lily is legendary for her energy and for engaging children with interactive concert adventures filled with songs, storytelling, movement and motivational play. Lavender Lily is again available to delight, educate and engage the early learners at your centre in 2016.

Lavender Lily creates magikal moments with even the quieter kiddies

Lavender Lily creates magikal moments with even the quieter kiddies

Lavender Lily’s latest music video ‘It’s a Preschool Day,’ is dedicated to :

BEING – promoting children to be in the moment through song.
BELONGING – promoting children’s emerging sense of belonging to their childcare environment through song.
BECOMING – encouraging the children to become confident and involved little learners

also Choose from show titles which include:

‘Lavender Lily is Purple Magik!
‘Lavender Lily’s Great Garden Adventure.’
‘Lavender Lily’s Christmas Extravaganza.’
‘Lavender Lily and the magnificent Rainbow Tunetable’ –
Lavender Lily invented and created this musical device during her Digital Media degree at UOW to assist children to understand musical concepts. With re purposed materials Lavender Lily shares stories, music, her guitar and the real live timber Rainbow Tunetable which the children can directly engage with on this musical adventure. Lavender Lily was runner up in the UOW pitch competition for 2015 and received a scholarship to the UOW iAccelerate program to develop the Rainbow Tunetable and expand on her musical program.

Trumpet play

Trumpet play

Performance elements (may) include:
Physical Theatre
Motivational Play
Hula Hooping – Juggling/ unicycle
In show participation by children
Call and response
& more
(please check with Lavender Lily if your show includes a particular
performance element)

Discos – Fairy Visits – Kids Parties – Balloon bending

Themes explored throughout LL shows include:
The Garden, Environment and Nature
Self Belief & Self Expression
Fairytales – Fairies, Princess and Pirates
Movement and Music

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