Events and Festivals

Children’s Entertainment for Events and Festivals – Lavender Lily best. in Engagement. Playful Stories. High Energy Concerts. Delighting Sydney & Beyond.

Council Festivals and Activities
Street or Spring Fairs -Shopping Centres
Corporate Event
Afterschool care
Fetes and Open Days

Are you looking for a Stage Show – Workshop – Wandering Entertainment OR unique MC for your upcoming event?

Look no further……

Lavender Lily bring her unique Purple Magik to you and connects with children and adults of all ages. Visually spectacular and highly energetic – Lavender Lily’s interactive concert shows – workshops and meets and greets are a splendid addition to event or occasion.

Lavender Lily encourages children to grow into Happy, healthy, Strong, Caring and Creative individuals through:

Songs, Movement and Dance
Physical Theatre
Motivational play
Hula Hooping
Motivational Play
On stage participation
Stage Games
and more

Workshops in Faerying – ‘You’re so FAE, Hula Hooping and Drama are also available as well as Magikal Wanderings with spontaneous Hula Hooping – Balloon Bending and/or Faery Mischief.

Lavender Lily loves to MC….
Lavender Lily uses hula hoops, balloons, juggling, stories and on stage participation. With her unique tonality and expression, LL makes everyday instructions like bathroom directions PLAYFUL and amusing.

Lavender Lily holds a Working with Children’s Check Number and 20 million Public Liability Insurance.

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